Earn up to £10,000 or more in 1 month with Ad Profit Sharing!! 

Ekobridge will continue to design a host of initiatives that rewards you for your commitment to the Gospel, project GLOW, your labour of love to the body of Christ, and to humanity in general. We are setting out to do this by empowering Christians around the world financially.

We have designed the reward schemes below to begin with which will help boost your trade, business or practice, and our star package is our Ad Profit Sharing scheme which could see you make up to £100,000! in 1 month by simply getting individuals or businesses to subscribe to a qualifying advertising plan on Ekobridge. Get started today, choose a reward scheme now:

  • SCHEME 1: Invite 50 friends to sign-up and subscribe to project "GLOW", if any of them participates and wins a free £500 "Ekobridge ad credit", you will get a matching £500 free "Ekobridge ad credit" (The next draw holds 30th June 2021) ; or 

  • SCHEME 2: Invited 75 friends and get 1 month Free ad. (a maximum of 3 "1-month Free ad" in 12 months) (Redeemable anytime); or 

  • SCHEME 3: Get 1 friend to subscribed to Ekobridge's Advertise - Plus ad plan and get a matching FREE ad. (a maximum of 3 "1-month Free matching ad" in 12 months)(Redeemable anytime); or

  • SCHEME 4: Stand a change to win a Samsung UE43AU8000 (2021) HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 43 inch, Black worth £499 or its money's worth for just £1.49 in the month of June 2021. Enter the Ekobridge monthly raffle today. More than 1 entry is allowed. Visit Ekobridge Plans to purchase a raffle ticket today!; or

  • SCHEME 5: 1 lucky winner gets to win free calling credit for their local telephone network with the Ekobridge Sound Challenge by guessing the artist and song correctly. 

  • SCHEME 6: (Business Direct) Advertise your business or trade directly on Ekobridge without a referral and get 10% discount on all monthly Ekobridge ad plans each month. Offer valid until 31st December 2021

  • SCHEME 7: (Business Boost) Register on Ekobridge, create a business page, and list your goods, products or services in the ekobridge marketplace and you could win one year, six months or three months free ads. As simple as A,B,C. 3 Winners will be selected randomly every month. To qualify for draw, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following:

    • Your registration name
    • Your page name; and
    • Details of at least one of your market listings on Ekobridge

  • *SCHEME 8: (Profit Sharing): Get a friend or business to subscribe to, minimum, Ekobridge Executive ads plan and we will give you 10% of the first month's ad value in cash via bank transfer 30 days after the funds clear into our bank account, and 1.5% for every subsequent monthly rollover (also payable to you 30 days after we receive payment) paid in full on the payment due date, as long as the Ekobridge ad plan subscriber maintains that specific paid subscription at greater or equals to our Executive Ads plan. This means you can earn up to £10,000 the first month when a friend or business you introduce subscribes to our Premium Executive Ads plan.

    A Profit-Sharing user will continue to earn a monthly percentage (1.5%) of the particular ad subscription fee paid by the subscriber he/she introduced or until Ekobridge decides to terminate this offer at its sole discretion (Guaranteed to run until 31st December 2021). This means you can earn an additional £1,500 each month!! There are no limits to this reward, if you get 100 "first time" paying "Premium Executive Ads" subscribers the same month, you 10% on each subscription and become a millionaire in British Pounds (£1,000,000) in 1 month. To view the qualifying plans, click here

ALL new and existing Ekobridge users are free to participate in any or all of the schemes subject to terms below.


Only a total of 25 free "Ekobridge ad credits" are available to be won via an internal Ekobridge draw, by 25 Ekobridge registered users. To qualify for the draw, terms applicable to any separate but connected promo must be fulfilled in addition to the following: 

  1. Each participant must be a registered user on Ekobridge

  2. Each participant must 16 years old or over and legally capable of enter into contracts subject to applicable local, territorial and international laws governing their transactions.

  3. Each user's invited friends (50 or 75) must be a "NEW user" to Ekobridge and must register on Ekobridge within the promo period under consideration before the draw date

  4. Each of the 50 or 75 NEW users must remain registered users on Ekobridge at the time of the draw and for the duration of the free or matching shares, else, draw entries and/or advertising credits shall automatically be withdrawn where any one of them ceases to be a registered user on Ekobridge. 

  5. To qualify for a draw or redeem any awarded free or match ad, each participant must send a list of their 50 or 75 invited friends who are now NEW users on Ekobridge to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and where applicable, no less that 48 hours prior to the actual draw date. 

  6. Any user who registers under fake, false, fictitious or duplicate identities on Ekobridge shall be instantly disqualified, together with the user who invited them where a disingenuous scheme is evident or discovered.

  7. Each invited friend must be active (i.e., must have logged in at least 7 different days in the month under consideration) for the user who invited them to qualify for free or matching ads. 

  8. Each user will be required to provide a valid proof of ID if they win a £500 free "Ekobridge ad credit" or matching ad credit

  9. Each £500 free "Ekobridge ad credit" can be put towards 1 ad only which cannot be changed during its 6 months lifecycle.

  10. Free or matching credit cannot be transferred between users.

  11. Recipients of a free matching ad will get only one free matching ad per month even if multiple people invited by them win free "Ekobridge ad credits" the same month and they shall not roll over or be accumulated

  12. Free ad credit lifecycles are calculated in calendar months and shall expire on the date specified by Ekobridge at the time of delivering winning draw results.

  13. Matching credit lifecycles are tied to the lifecycle of the free credit that gave rise to their existence and shall commence and terminate thee same day as the originating free ad credit

  14. For the purposes of calculating outstanding free or matching ad credit within 12 calendar months, where a user takes advantage of a lesser ad credit option but subsequently switches to a higher value ad credit, the number of months such user exhausts prior to switching shall be taken into account. For periods less than 30 calendar days, they shall be rounded up to a calendar month.

  15. Existing users cannot claim Profit Sharing rewards on qualifying plans they subscribe to themselves or for those they get other existing users to subscribe to.

  16. Ads must meet Ekobridge quality standard and Advertising Policy, else, they shall not be approved.

  17. All intending Profit sharing users must notify Ekobridge directly and prior to subscription, when they intend to get a friend or business to subscribe to a qualifying plan they intend to benefit from. Profit-sharing users must consent to Ekobridge verifying their identity and connection with the fee-paying ad subscriber directly.

  18. Where Reward schemes are terminated, paid ads still within their contracted lifecycle shall continue unaffected and roll over where subscription fees are duly received.

  19. Raffle for Samsung UE43AU8000 (2021) HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 43 inch, Black worth £499 may be withdrawn where Ekobridge receives insufficient raffle entries to cover the cost of this item.

  20. To participate in the Ekobridge Sound Challenge, parties must be registered on Ekobridge and comment directly on the post within the community for their answered to be saved.

  21. Winners of free calling credit will have the phone number they provide to Ekobridge credited directly with the value of credit on offer via a service provider solely at Ekobridge's discretion.

  22. Nothing in this reward scheme confers rights on all Ekobridge users to demand the continuation of reward initiatives now or in the future.

  23. Ekobridge reserves the exclusive right to terminate this offer without prior notice to all users and where it elects to do so, all free and matching ad credits, including Profit Sharing schemes shall cease with immediate effect, including any reward periodically advanced to qualifying users.

  24. Ekobridge reserves the exclusive right to amend, vary or alter any of these terms without prior notice to all Ekobridge users and member of the public.

  25. Multiple ad credits cannot be used cumulatively. Users' will have to forgo the lesser in favour of the greater.

    • Example 1, if a user wins a 6 month free and a 1 month free ad simultaneously, the 1 month free ad will automatically lapse in favour of the 12 month, and it cannot be used again.

    • Example 2, If a user wins a free 1-month ad by virtue of inviting over 50 or 75 friends, or qualifies for a matching ad by virtue of introducing an ad paying friend, but, subsequently wins a 6 month free or matching ad, the lesser monthly offers shall lapse and cannot be used again.




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