They never loved the Truth...

“For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.” ‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭4:3-4‬ ‭ WE ARE HERE... Yes we have arrived at the time spoken of by the prophets where man has decidedly taken control of his modern life so that he can pursue all things that please him, fancy him, and enlighten him into the comforts and conformities of his existence, all in the pursuit of liberty, license, and most outlandishly, love. Even if they started off in the doctrine of Christ crucified for sinners, the glamor and attraction of the world has overwhelmed them, pushing out the sacred writings for something wholly different, more acceptable, convenient, tolerable, and more importantly, the way embraced by his peers, whose opinions they really have craved all along. Now to the lost who remains hardened because of the enemy that steals the words of Life immediately upon sowing, to them, we can still lift such persons up in hopeful prayer that repentance is still possible. However, how tragic is the one who has claimed Christ as Lord and Savior, yet has not loved Him from the heart, all the while the mouth still runs with “niceties” about Him and “religious thoughts” pertaining to Him, as if a man can possibly ignore the omniscience of God. From these deluded ones, you will surely hear about how “Christ loves us all”, a truth to one extent alone and therefore distorted because it is NOT said in truth at all, but rather it has been exclaimed with an entirely different and perverse intention. Grace is perverted unto licentiousness and not celebrated as empowerment for obedience. And To what degree this man goes to join Christ Jesus, the Holy One, with his own favorite, and quite excusable, fleshly delight! Whether it be for a man’s reputation, fortune, or sexual proclivity, it matters not because “these times are different” he says. Although Jesus remains the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, this so called Christian rejects the traditions passed down in favor of the pursuit of progressivism. The problem is man cannot have both! They cannot endure sound doctrine as the spirit of modernity, a satanic illusion, has not only blinded them to the truth but has seared the heart that ,at one time prior, had been softened to receive the life-giving Word. The truth is mocked and hated now, in order to make room for the more acceptable, consensual lifestyle, in the name of Love and Life. What blasphemy they have accrued to their own accounts! This is not harsh speaking. For the Scriptures say clearly, “whoever does not love the Lord Jesus let him be accursed”. This is Truth as the curse laid upon mankind after the fall of Adam shall continue for them into perpetuity lest there is true repentance. The most hurtful reality is that they have blended in for a while, deceiving even the elect of their false election, yet the trees are now bringing forth the rotten fruit, to which they were destined to inevitably bear. May God grant us the sound judgment and discernment in recognizing these who “hide” behind the Truth yet who have hated the truth because God’s Word was not in them then, and never was as proven by their fallen state.
Fear of God?

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