Welcome to Ekobridge where Jesus rules and reigns in our affairs. We are one body of Christ sharing the peace and love of Jesus with one another, and boldly proclaiming Christ's salvation to all mankind. If you are yet to give your life to Jesus, together we can right now - just say along with us "Lord Jesus, I confess I am a sinner but I now accept you as my Lord and saviour. Please come into my life and reign in my affairs; I surrender all to you and proclaim you the Lord of my life. Thank you Jesus for being my Lord and I rest in your loving arms and lay all my cares at your feet knowing that old things have passed away and all things are now new in my life from this very second amen".  If you prayed this prayer, welcome to the family as you have accepted Jesus and we encourage you to join a bible believing local church around you in addition to the word of God you will encounter daily here in Ekobridge. God bless you! 




Ekobridge adopts in full the Confessional Statement of The Gospel Coalition and the beliefs of the Redeemed Christian Church of God which are in total sync with our values and beliefs here in Ekobridge pertaining to the Gospel and the word of God; It is these shared beliefs and values that bind us all in the Ekobridge community and shall be the standard by which all users  interact with and within the Ekobridge community. These Foundation Documents were adopted by the Council of The Gospel Coalition on May 22, 2007, and revised on April 12, 2011, and used here with the permission of The Gospel Coalition (thegospelcoalition.org), Deerfield, IL 60015. The beliefs of the Redeemed Christian Church of God which we have adopted is not an endorsement by it of Ekobridge; our decision to adopt same is totally unilateral; we also unilaterally choose to identify with the Winners Chapel International Mandate

However, we emphasise we are not a movement but a community that points mankind to the true vine (Jesus - John 15:5) and together we are the branches whose identity and confidence is not linked to any one individual or group in their human capacity, rather, to the knowledge and power of who we are in Christ Jesus that our faith, hope, salvation and conviction might be firmly established in Him only and not conditioned on man who is forever imperfect. 

Ekobridge is an online community sharing the salvation of Christ with mankind and connecting Christians whilst spreading the Gospel around the world. It is predicated on God's word (the Bible) which declares that where two or more are gathered, He is in our midst. (Matthew 18:20) with bold declarations that we are a people who are not ashamed of the Gospel (Romans 1:16); we are a community that encourages users to daily share scriptures, testimonies, socialise in a Godly way and much more that is in line with the Word of God (Holy Bible) as led by the Holy Spirit. Together we stand in the gap for one another by developing faith building fellowship with others in the body of Christ, helping each other attain spiritual maturity in the Word. Ekobridge also encourages social development within all spheres of life, but, with emphasis on a Godly approach to all. 

We are solely a Bible-based community.  We believe in the Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ who died on the cross of Calvary for the sake of our sins. Therefore we are one family who proudly but with all humility acknowledge Romans 1:16. In no uncertain terms, the word here is as contained in John 1:1, and advocates living a Christ-like life which is epitomised in love as evidenced in John 3:16 and echoed in Matthew 22:36-40. 

The primary aim of this site is to share the Word of God with mankind. Consequently, all existing and potential users MUST respect the sacrosanct nature of the joint faith professed by all Christians (herein referring to all gospel lovers who believe in God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit and are truly a bible based people group irrespective of religious denominations and identity with the beliefs, values, vision and mission of Ekobridge), and shall not attempt to undertake any action that undermines or causes distress directly or indirectly to our mutually professed Christian faith. 



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